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    Hello Bryan

    Ive a few questions about the calendar.

    1. Is it possible to join all Tour with the same calendar.

    Exemple a guide have a few tour on the website then is it possible to join all tour in the calendar exemple if a visit in PLAN A is booked at 11AM, PLAN B and C are no available for booking at 11AM since its the same personn.

    2. I need the new Bakerybuilder version since no key o upagrade directly.


    3.Id like to insert an image in the header to customize my header. But I dont have the dimension of the header do you have that ?

    Thank you very much.



    1. Each tour has separate available canlendar. It does not allow to use one calendar for all tour.

    2. You can download it here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/pz9cwtb1cuc8x1z/visual5.4.5.zip

    3. The default header have 64px in height and 100% width.

    Thank you.


    Thank you Bryan

    last questions and im done after

    When I put a featured image for a tour this one because realy ugly the quality goes down a lot even was a fully hd before.

    Can i replicate a layer otherwise than make it again with wp bakery ?

    I wanted to change for french my website then I put my po file and the other one inside everything is translated i already put wp in french but still it doesnt appear the manipulation was only to replace the previous file with the new one right I kept the same name too.

    Thank you.



    Please tell me the place of featured image so i can check and help you change to other higher image quality.

    You can set the language for your site in Settings > General > Site Language section.

    With other special words, you can follow our document to translate it:

    Manual Translation

    Thank you.


    Here the image address

    please let me know how you do, to max their looks cause the pictures is a 1920*1080 I tried to compresse as well but looks worth

    ist the featured image of this tour https://www.ohayotrip.com/st_tour/tokyo-journee-complete/

    you cant mistake only one tour now

    About the layer you didnt answer my question which is Can i replicate a layer otherwise than make it again with wp bakery ?

    Thank you



    Which place that the image display in low quality? I see that image appear on the map and the list tour at the bottom of page and it display well.



    The only one in the ST tour on the homepage, the image display well on the maps, but not on the homepage in the ST tour you can see the quality is worst

    Look here the image : http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=398646tokkyominiature.jpg

    You can see how worst is the quality when display in the ST tour


    I changed the size compressed the picture nothing make it better I still need your help because it from ST tours list as well the st widget doesnt appear correctly on mobile site only raw code is displayed.



    I changed image quality for you by change the theme code.

    You can check it again.


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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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