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    Please find attached three photos with all my questions? Regards

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    One more question on top of all those ones that I wrote in the attached photos of the previous topic: Is it possible for some periods to set a minimum number of nights (say 3 nights) for booking that period? That is, for example between August 1 and 31 minimum stay of three nights. Regards


    You have NOT ANSWERED any of my questions? Please, open attached photos to read all questions. Thank you



    1. You can edit the page to see the search form element and check the button in Traveler Settings > Styling Options and Hotel Alone section.

    2. You need modify the code to make it center on mobile.

    3. Unluckily, the available room will always the same. You can not set it for special date.



    Hello Bryan,
    How do you st the BOOK YOUR STAY button? You did not answer that one. Thank you



    That button has fixed in the code. You have to edit the theme code to change it.



    Hello Bryan,
    If that is the case THE CODE IS WRONG. If you click on that button it doen not open anything but a blank window. Please let me know where the problem is. Thank you



    Which case can made the button work incorrect?

    At this time, we does not receive any feedback of that button issue.



    Since I was annoyed by that button, I made this question more than once and you already answered me that you would fix this issue on the next version 2.7. Which answer is the truth? Thank you



    We have quick fix for you about the BOOK YOUR STAY button problem.

    Thank you for understanding.

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