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    Hi, I have several specific questions regarding partners and deposits for tours which I could not find an answer for in your online documentation:

    1) How can I assign an existing tour to a new partner?
    2) Can a tour be set up to ONLY charge a deposit instead of the full price of the tour, essentially charging the remaining cost of the tour (once the deposit is made) at a later date?
    3)Can a tour deposit be set up to be adjustable based on a fixed price that changes if the number of adults or children change (ex: 1 adult = $50 deposit, 2 adults = $100 deposit, etc).

    Thank you



    1. When you edit your tour, please scroll page to the bottom, you will see Author section. That is place to allow you assign tour to your partner.

    2. You can enable Deposit feature for your tour and see the deposit amount you want. Theme will compare with the price to display the total price that customer have to pay.

    3. Unluckily, Deposit feature only allow the percent value based on total price.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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