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    1. How can i sort hotels in the hotel full map layout… The hotels are listed according to their published date … I want to manually customize the sorting based on my criterias .

    2. How can i make a grid style location list that looks like the image i attached below ?

    3. Also , how can i make a grid style photo gallery behind the landing page search box just like this one :> link grid_image_behind_search_Box ?

    4. Where can i set the last minute deal hotel by my choice ? Right now it is automatically set but the hotel is not my choice at all .

    5. Plus , how can i include the shop booking stastics and overview … so that i would be available from the user dashboard ? I know i can get each orders from the admin dashboard … But now i need the shop stastics . I attached the image below too . I need the statistics Below Activity Statistics .

    Thanks !

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    1. in the element setting box, we provide option Order by modified date. You can try it.

    Some special element, we does not allow to select option.

    2. You can build that style by visual composer element.

    3. Our document will show you more details about that header layout:

    Grid Images Background

    4. The Last Minute Deal take the last post has discount to display. You can not select the post to display as you want.

    5. The statistic in partner dashboard only support our theme services like Car, tour, hotel…



    Thanks! … your answer helps a lot
    I have some questions

    1. I tried to make the grid location list but somewhat i failed … could u forward me any tips or documentation help . You told me that i can use visual composer to build the grid location list on your previous answer .

    2. I want to create a map that shows all services(hotel , rental , tour ,car) in one map. How can i achieve this map ?

    3. Is there any means i can create a custom route planner , meaning a customer can create his route to any services from the map and the price will be automatically calculated.

    for example : a customer can map his route from City-A to City-B then City-C , while he/she pre-booked the hotel needed . Also he/she can choose car service , tour he/she wants to visit .



    1. You can use visual to build column and layout like that and use single image element and add the text title as your location name with a link to open to your location page.

    2. Currently, theme does not have element to use with all service. You have to select map for single service.

    3. Unluckily, theme set the location by lat and long so customer can not set the route for car service.



    Thanks a lot !!! , Unfortunately i need the custom made route planner, it is crucial for me . Maybe u can do that in next updates .

    For today i have some questions .

    1. Email feature is not working for me . It doesn’t send email during registration , after successful booking , during cancellation … . I configured the mail-chimp plugin properly , newsletter subscription is working fine but the other email are not . Do i need t install WP SMTP plugin ? I turned on the email option and configured the admin-email and other things needed . Even i turned off the woocommerce booking option , but it doesn’t help .

    2. Plus , when someone registers/signup , his/her role is set to subscriber ? Why ? In the woocommerce email option , it is configured to send email for a user whose role is set to customer .




    1. You should use SMTP system to send email:

    How to get information accurately Gmail’s SMTP

    2. You can check default user role in Settings > General > New User Default Role.



    Hello , I have some questions for today.

    1. The navigation link items(Home , Hotel , Car …) in my page are all capitalized , how can i change it to PascalCase or any case i want ?

    2. The header search in my website is displaying slowly . I tried to search hotel , but after i type then it shows me circulating preloader and it says too long without giving any response . Any help ?

    3. When My-Location is clicked on any map (hotel , tour , car) , it is not redirecting to my current location , Why ?

    For example : hotel fullmap … clicking my location won’t redirect to my current location

    4. How can i resize the grid made by visual composer grid builder ? It doesn’t let me to customize the grids that much .

    5. How can i speed up my website ?

    Thanks, Bryan!



    1. I see there are have a custom code that made your menu item upercase. I have changed it for you by this code:

     .uc, ul.slimmenu li a {
        text-transform: capitalize;

    2. It need time to search the post in database so please wait a few second.

    3. You need allow your browser access your location. Also please use HTTPS protocol to make it work.

    4. Please send me a screenshot of the grid section you want to resize so i can help you check it.

    5. You can try WP Rocket to minify css/js files.

    Our faq will show you more details:

    My Website Is Slow. What Can I Do?


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    I build that layout for you by visual element but it need some css code to display as you want.

    I will check and do it later.

    Now you can build the content again by change to you location and background image.


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    The last location at the bottom is not heigher than the other because it does not have any post or any content.

    Please create some post for other location too then check again.

    Also the default function of theme is the location element does not support display on mobile devices so it dissapear when you response browser or something like that.

    I will try to check and find solution to make it work on mobile.



    I have some questions

    1. “Can we make some adjustments to the classes on flights; i.e., aside from business and economy, can we add more custom classes?”
    2. “Related to the above question, we want to make the flight booking use-case customized. We want to provide different booking classes for foreigners and locals. We also want to accept photos/scans of their IDs before they get to book a flight.”

    3. I turned on the woocommerce booking option , but that brings new problem . Booked hotels, cars are automatically inserted inside products list(woocommerce) . Due to this reason, they r listed in my shop page(I am using woocommerce “Product” shortcode) . How can i filter and solve this issue? I attached the image that shows this problem.

    4. The questions i asked u last time are not solved yet . Please consider fixing them … They r crucial for my website . I need them too much .

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    1.2. It is not possible to get that.

    You have to code modify to do it.

    3. If you use woocomerce for booking, all the booking list will stay in Woocomerce > Orders section.

    4. I just changed the grid style for you by edit this file: /wp-content/themes/traveler/css/bootstrap.cs,Please back up this file before update theme.

    Please check again

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