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    how to remove children and the option children from the layout? it not neccesary.

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    also would be great.. if there is the possiblity, to remove children from evrywhere… so that remains onldy Persons instead od adult and children


    Me too need that option.



    You can use Poedit to change Adult word to Person word. And use this code to remove child option in the list info:

    .room-featured-items .row .col-md-3:last-child {display: none;}



    in the list info?… can you pleae explain or tell me where i can find this



    That section have the child icon as your image is called list service info by us.




    okay but i mean.. where i can find it. where i have to go to find that to insert. i dont know wjere the list info is to insert this code


    If you want to modify the code for that list info section, you can check this folder for 3 files that apply for 2 single room layouts:


    Best regards


    Is it this here ? (see attached)

    Is there no more simple way as only to swith off children in the settings or something?

    If i change this here, will this remain after update?

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    Yes it is. You can remove any icon by remove all the children div inside that block.



    How to change the icon in the style sheet?



    The icon is fixed in the code. You have to edit the code to change icon code if you need.



    Thank you, but as i need it to change.. tell me also where and how.



    You should try to go to service attribute > New icon section to find the icon and icon code to use then replace icon code in the file to change it.





    1. i manage to change the icon in Hotel Room layout

    – but how to change also the color? Now ists black, i tried also with _blue but than doesnt appear the icon anymore.

    2. where is the layout for the hotel to change also there the icon?

    can you please give me the path to the files?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)

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