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    Their are numerous places in the database and in the them with the default theme email address and website address …

    Can the author or anybody give a list of places or links to change these..

    this is a tiresome process i suggest the author should change these in the next update and making it easier to change the branding with one or two settings in Theme Setting.




    Please description more details of your wishes so i can help you check it better.



    Their is no issue of description

    it just the way you are coding the default branding which is inside the them code instead of generic.

    For example the

    1. Footer where it displays copyright along with Shinetheme . This has to be changed inside the code in the footer.php . Instead of this you could have given in the theme setting like the default logo change the Footer to be changed.

    2. Many a places you get the default contact@shinetheme.com. This also either in the database or inside the theme files i had to change . Their were at least 70 instances of these . I feel this could have been easily avoided be defining a a global default which could have been easily edited in the Theme setting so that it reflects everywhere.

    3. The email templates , wherein they carry the Traveller logo or the shine theme logo, and contact details , social links ,etc all pointing to the domain Shinetheme. Which in fact one setting where we change these and reflects all the templates so that it is not a tedious or cumbersome process.

    4. The icons , they are pulled still from shinetheme which i feel is not a good idea due to many reasons. Locally stored inside one of the folders of the website should be better.

    Their are many still many places wherein you have to face such issues. So please take that into consideration.




    1. Yes that info has fixed in the footer.php file.

    2. The email is come with demo data. If you import demo data, the email will come.

    3. With the email templates, you need use 3rd image url to display it.

    4. We will check and find a solution to allow custom add custom font icon later.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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