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    Please visit home page of http://www.visit2srilanka.com
    under FEATURED HOTELS for example , can you see an ICON ( avatar ) getting displayed . How can we get rid of this ?


    You can turn it off in Traveler Settings > Partner Options > Show avatar user in list services.



    Many thanks Bryan , appreciate that

    Under Hotels , there is only upto 5 stars when it comes to Review criterias

    I need to add 10 to match with booking.com since we will be linking the site with booking.com very shortly
    How can i do this ? Will it display 10 if i simply add 10 criterias ?


    Just to add to above , we have added 10 criteris , but still the ratings shows out of 5
    Also can please refer to this link please


    On the top right hand side , next to traveller ratings , there is Summary
    Over there the criteria Value for money got cut off and only shows Value for ?? Why is that



    Theme does not support display 10 star for rating. It only support 5 star.

    You can hire a freelancer to help you deverlop this feature.

    Thank for your understanding.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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