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    I have cusstomized the code in your child theme for Tour and Car service to make the List taxonomy order by alphabeta.

    You can check it again.

    Thank you.


    Hi Bryan, thank you very much, you are the best.

    I also need taxonomies to be in order in the activities.

    I have uploaded the user-edit-activity.php file to the theme child so you can modify it.

    Can you say that you modify for me to know and learn?

    Thank you



    I have changed the taxonomy order for your activity.

    Please check again.



    thank you Bryan


    Hello Bryan, what is it?

    I am writing again so that the payment of the activities is also 50% of the total tay and how you put me in the tours and in the cars.

    I need that in the activities also 50% of the total payment is charged when booking.

    Right now it’s working on the excursions and in the cars, but I also need it to work in the activities. I need this to finish the project.

    Later I will also need this in the other services. Can you say that I have to change?



    I do not understanding your point about 50% of payment amount. Do you mean the deposit option for your activity or what?

    Please description more details so i can help better.



    Hello Bryan, If I refer to the 50% payment to reserve the activity.

    You already have this by default in the tours and in the cars.

    I want the client to pay 50% of the total of their reservation always. The member can not have the option of paying the payment by percentage per deposit.

    My business always has to retain 50% of the reserve.

    This is already on the tour and in the cars.

    You told me this when you put it on tours and cars

    “(I have customized the code in these files: traveler / st_templates / user / user-edit-cars.php and
    traveler / st_templates / user / user-edit-tours.php to make the deposit by 50% by default.

    Please back up the files before update theme or you can copy it to child theme to make it save.

    Thanks)” <—You wrote that


    Please also I need this in the activities


    Oh i remember that.

    Please provide the ftp account so i can help you do it for activity in partner dashboard to fix deposit to 50%.

    Your SFTP above look wired.



    hello Bryan. acces ftps is the same.



    I changed the file for activity in your child theme folder to make default deposit is 50%.

    You can check it again.


Viewing 11 posts - 31 through 41 (of 41 total)

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