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    1) After booking, rental availability calendar updated on front end but not updated on back-end in Rental editing tab (Rental Details > Availability)

    2) If I make Rental on back-end “Book before number of day” anything but 0 the property completely disappears from front-end display, except google maps. I thought it is so only for newly added properties, but it’s not displaying even for old properties.

    All latest theme and WordPress. PHP 7.2.
    Please advise.



    1. Theme will only update the calendar available in backend if the rental is not possible to book anymore.

    2. Theme is only display the rental that available at the searching time. If you set that option to other number, the rental is can only view via fixed link like added it on menu item or special page that you set up to display.



    1) I mark rental completed after booking, but backend calendar not showing any change
    2) rental available, but not displaying anywhere except map. There is a bug probably.



    Please check the number of rental available to book. If it have more than one, after you set booking complete, there are still have other rental to book and also it available for other date.

    Also please provide the issue url with an admin account so i can help you check it better.



    Number of rentals is always 1 on this site.
    So backend calendar should be always updated manually?
    Will prepare you admin soon.

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    Any news on that? I see the theme update notification now visible on this site.



    Our team is continue checking on this problem.

    Also you can update your system to new version to make it work normal.



    Theme updated, no change in this behavior.

    The moment I change “Book before number of day” to anything other than 0, the property disappears from frontend.


    Yes it is. Theme is only display the service on front end if that service ready to book for the current date.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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