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    Dear ST,

    If a Rental is not available for booking today, it will not be displayed inside Location.

    I need this to work correctly, regardless of the availability, if the price is set, show Rental.



    Same thing with Hotel Rooms, if it is not available for booking today it will not be displayed as a search result nor inside Locations.



    Unluckily, theme only display the service available to book today even inside location page.

    Thank you.


    Dear Bryan,

    If my agency has Tours, Rooms, Rental Rooms, available for booking in May, and early Bookings start today, how did you guys imagine people will be able to book in advance if that Room or Tour or Hotel doesn’t display on the list?

    What is the idea behind this theme than? If something is currently occupied that means none else can book in advance?

    Is this for real guys?
    Please tell me it is not the reality of this theme because it is the essential for Tourist Agency to provide people with option to book in advance even when the Room is occupied currently but will be so for the exact time.

    Please explain how to get around this, if not fix it, because this theme is unusable for it’s main purpose and that is booking.

    The very idea of booking is doing something in advance, making a reservation, if the Room is not visible for booking, how can the people Book it?

    Please help and react on this, don’t just write “Theme doesn’t support it”, like it’s no big deal.

    Thank you.



    Currently, follow our theme working, it only display the service that available to book at current time.

    I will transfer your feedback to our dev team so they can check and update it.

    Thank you.


    OK thanks Bryan!

    Kind regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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