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    Hi guys,

    We’ve setup multiple rentals but none allow you to select a date, and the booking redirects to the homepage. Could you take a look and provide a solution please – thank you.


    Here is an example: http://yourwebsitedev.co.uk/italytravel/rental/castello-di-pergolato-tuscany-villa-rental/

    The Availability calendar is not showing and when you click on the booking button, it redirects to the Home.



    You should set up checkout page for modal booking and cart page with checkout page if you use woocommerce booking.

    Our document bellow will show you more details:


    Beside it, please go to Settings > Permalinks > select Post Name type.




    Thank you for your answer.

    Following the recommendation of the page you linked to, I navigated to Booking Options in Traveler Settings to enable Booking with Modal, but I found no such option there.

    Please see my attached screenshot.

    Thank you. Regards.

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