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    Hi, great theme but got a problem.

    I have added a few “Rental” and completed all the details but they are not showing on the site or in search results?

    There are 3 that do work but those were the dummy content.

    For example the dummy “Rental” with ID 1418 that came with the theme works ok but the “Rental” I added with ID 6467 doesnt work

    I have checked all the instructions and videos but cant see if I am doing anything wrong.

    Any advice would be grateful.



    The problem is you did not set price available in the calendar to allow customer book it.

    Rental Availability

    Please check again.


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    Hi, I’m still confused here by your answer.

    If you look at this property
    you will see I have set a price in “Rental Price” and in “Availability” for dates available (july/august 2019). I have done this for all properties. (most properties are only available july/august)

    Am I still missing something here? I have followed the instructions you sent.

    Any more help or tips please



    Theme will only display the rental that available in search date:

    Search Result Rental

    As your rental is available on January 2019, it is show up on search result well.



    Hi,thanks again.

    I understand that when searching it will only show properties within the date range but I still want to show approx 8 properties on the home page?

    I also want a separate page with all properties listed.

    It must be possible to list properties surely?

    This is the only thing stopping me from completing this site so your help again is much appreciated.




    If you use the list rental element to display the list rental on homepage, theme will only display the rental in the list if it available to book at the current date.

    Thank for your understanding.


    Ok but I need a page that just lists properties with no search function, I just need to display all properties whether they are currently available or not. The visitor can click on any property and on the property page they can search for availability.

    Any ideas?


    You can access directly to search result page (no search) to see all available rental. Theme is not allow to display unavailable on front page.



    Hi again,

    I still dont understand?

    If I go to he results page here: http://fest.blackbudget-staging.co.uk/search-result-rental/ it doesnt show anything because it needs to search. Surely it can show all properties and when someone searches it then repopulates with the available properties?

    There must be a way to list the properties whether they are available or not?


    You have to set booking period option to 0 to make the rental display search result (without search).

    I updated your demo rental and it is show up now.

    You can check it again.

    Search Result Rental


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    Ok I understand this but it creates another problem… I still need minimum 30 days book before.


    Temporary, you need set the booking period to make it display in search result list because the result page template is checking available in current date or searching date.



    Sorry I still dont understand!

    What does Temporary mean?

    Also dont understand why you mention the search list when the question was “I still need minimum 30 days book before.”?


    I mean temporary, if you want to make your rental appear in search result page or any page, you have to set up period option to 0 because theme is checking available service at the searching time (current).



    Your still not understanding my point here.

    If I set the “Booking before number of days” to 0, then the customer can book anytime, but I only want to accept bookings 30 days before the current date.

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