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    I recently posted a topic about returning my traveler theme. I also made a request trough Envato market.
    My request hasn’t been answered jet, so I want to ask again if it is possible to return the product.
    My main reasons are that many design options cannot be changed trough the theme (or in the theme they appear as changed but not in the real site…). Due to that, I posted many tickets with answers about how to solve the things. Some of them where answered properly, but some of them where not answered or answered very late. Apart from that, I find the theme quite difficult to use (but I understand this is due to my limited knowledge).

    Due to those reasons I would like to return the product.

    I thank-you very much all the latest answers to my post, but I downloaded a different one and everything works well on the new one; so I’m not interested on using traveler theme any more…

    Can you please confirm if return is possible?

    Many thanks!


    We just support the theme feature and customer question in this forum. Envato handle the refund request from customer.

    You can refer the refund policy of envato here and wait the approve.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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