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    Dear Support team,

    I’m setup the room for the hotel by detail below.

    Number of adults
    Number of adults in room 2

    Number of children
    Number of children in room 1

    Number of rooms
    Number of available rooms for booking 2

    But when searching for room available for number of Adult 3+ or Children 2+ then it not showing for 2 room that can be fit for customer request. But show Sorry! No available rooms found.

    Any suggestion what should I do next?


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    in your case, theme can not find the match room to display because both of your room set max adult are 2. So in your search data, you search room for 3 adult.

    Please search room for 2 adult then book 2 room for 3 adult.



    Hi Bryan,

    Thank you for your responding. Which means the them cannot find the hotel that have the room suitable with customer requirements? I mean the method that same as booking.com or other that find the solution for the customer. For example.

    Customer search for 4 adults.
    Then the system finds the hotel and room that availalbel 2 room+ on customer searching period, and tells this hotel and room suitable for them and suggest them to booking for 2 room something like that.

    If cannot do this and using your method above search for 2 adults, then book 2 rooms, but the room available only 1 room then they cannot booking right? Then how is the easiest method for the customer?

    Any suggestion, what should we do?

    Thank you,



    Currently the working logic of the theme is so.

    I will discuss this issue with our dev team to update in future.

    I am sorry for this inconvenience.

    Thank you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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