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    Hello support I need information
    1. How can I add icon on menu buttons
    2. Is there any way I show a list on home page
    3. My client wants to add external links on all section. For example hotels, rental room etc. But I only find external link option on rooms.

    Please let me know ASAP. Thank You

    Faisal Waseem



    1. You can add fontawesome code to class field of menu item to display icon on front page.

    My image will show you the place to use it


    2. Traveler theme provide ST List Tour, ST List Hotel, ST List Car…you can edit page then add element to use.

    3. Customer can not book whole hotel, they just can book some room in that hotel so external booking only visitable in room service.


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    1. no class field option in the menu That’s why I ask
    2. Is there any way I show the room list on the home page. Becuase I don’t find any option st list room. Can you help me out in this way.



    1. Please open Screen Options at the top-right section then enable Class field for it.

    Please check my image.

    2. Theme only display list of hotel. When you select hotel, you can see list of hotel room in it.


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    Hello. I need information.My client want this layout http://travelerwp.com/activity/street-food-challenges/ . But when I working on it there is lots of bug https://bermudaconcierge.services/st_activity/street-food-challenges/#1480060740386-3c6c7341-d10e
    1. extra is not working
    2. Attractions icons not coming and not in proper layout
    3. Activity Reviews not come in full width
    Please let me know so I fix this thing. THank You



    May be there is a mistake in config row/column of visual composer.

    Please provide an admin account so i will help you config that layout like our demo layout.


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    I have changed all things for you.

    Please check again.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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