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    I’m having a problem creating a search bar to show on all pages.

    I created it by the code in traveler-childtheme/st_templates/menu/style-1.php
    <? Php echo do_shortcode (‘[st_single_search st_list_form = “rental” st_direction = “horizontal” st_style_search = “style_2” st_box_shadow = “no” field_size = “sm”]’); ?>

    This way it normally displays on several pages, but when it enters the rental page the search function does not work.

    What can it be? see in the images the development site is https://mmr-tes-child.totalcloud.info/

    Thanks you
    Brad marques

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    You can try to use our Search element in single layout or any page you want.



    I have the same problem to search after the page of a rental.
    I followed the procedure described at (http://shinetheme.com/documentation/traveler/docs/theme-settings/search-options/) and (http://shinetheme.com/documentation/traveler/docs/theme-layout/layouts / search-form-for-rental /)
    You can see an example on this page -> https://mmr-tes-child.totalcloud.info/st_rental/nycity-stay-greenwich-village/
    The calendar does not show the dates to redo the pesauisa inside a single rental.
    Did I do the correct procedure?

    Thank you
    Brad Marques



    You can only use Location field and Number of people like Adults, enfant(s), chambres(s) in single layout because the calendar in single service post use for booking, not for search.

    Thank for your understanding.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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