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    I have set up my homepage to use the slider with the search box with the blurred images.

    After setup, I found that part of the next slide was showing on the right of each image, with th exception of the last image. I’ve tried numerous CSS styles to counteract the misalignment but none seem to do the job and unfortunately doesn’t look very professional.

    My website is currently setup locally, but I checked your live demo and the issue is also evident on there so it’s not specific to my setup. (Screenshot is attached of your demo highlighting the same issue).

    Can you supply a fix for this….?

    Many thanks.

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    That is blur effect, you can add this css code to Traveler Settings > Styling Options > Custom Css to fix it:

    filter: blur(0px) !important;
    -webkit-transform-origin: 0% 1% !important;}



    Great! Thanks for your time Bryan.

    Just one other small thing, on all the documentation for full and half maps, it mentions that when hovering over a Rental, Hotel etc. the location marker on the map will bounce. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen on my site and from what I can see it doesn’t on the live demo either. I’ve seen it working on some video tutorials.

    My client really wants this as it helps their customers pinpoint their rentals quickly on the map. Has this stopped for any reason or is there any CSS code I can use to re-enable it…?

    Thanks again for your help.



    It will be better if you have the live site so i can view and check the problem.



    Hi Bryan,

    Sorry for the delay, the website is now loaded on to a server. There’s only a couple of properties added but enough to see the problem with the location marker. The page in question is here: https://mps.rjkwebdesign.com/condos/

    In addition to this, I’d like to remove or hide the ‘Children’ field in the availability search form and the booking form (screenshots attached).

    If you need anything else, please let me know.

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    1. The hotel details on map marker does not automatic open. You have to click on the marker to view it.

    Hotel Half Map

    Please check again.

    2. You can add this css code to Traveler Settings > Styling Options > Custom Css to remove child field:

    .single-st_hotel .booking-item-details .booking-item-dates-change form .form-group.form-group-select-plus:nth-child(9) {display: none;}
    .single-hotel_room .booking-item-details #form-booking-inpage > .row > .col-sm-4:nth-child(3) {display: none;}



    Hey Bryan, great, thanks for all the info.

    Re the Map Marker, sorry, it’s not the open that’s the issue. It mentions in your documentation this:
    “Homepage with Half Map has many noticeable features. You can use it as a Homepage for Hotel. When you hover a hotel, its location symbol will bounce.”

    Half Map Style

    I’ve seen it working in some of the video tutorials and was something my client liked about the theme as it shows the customer quickly where the location is.

    Many thanks.



    Sorry for the misunderstand from our translator.

    The hotel details only show up when you click on map marker.

    I have updated the document.

    Thank for your understanding.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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