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    How can i edit the height or the width of the search box? :

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    You can config it in Traveler Settings > [service name] Options > Search fields section.

    For each field, you can select column with the corresponding size.

    Thank you.


    Thanks for the help.
    But this is can only edit the width,
    i also want to change the Height, how can i do it ???



    The height of the search fields has been fixed. If you want to change the height of it, i can help you change it by custom css code. So just config your search form and provide the page contain that form then i can help.



    Page Link: https://explainex.com/Travel/
    Thank you
    i’m waiting for the custom CSS code ?!



    Which row you want to change the height so i can help you do it?

    Thank you.


    You can use this code to change the height of all fields:

    .home .search-tabs.search-tabs-bg .tab-content .search.main-search .form-group.form-group-lg .form-control {
        height: 55px;


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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