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    Hi Bryan,

    The search function for specific date activities and tours doesn’t seem to work.

    1) For instance, on your demo site travelerwp.com, I searched for Activities in New York City on Jan 22 – Jan 23.

    Activity Search Result

    You’ll see that an activity result shows up for Manhattan Skyline but if you click through to the detailed results page, there is no availability on the activity calendar on Jan 22 2018 or Jan 23 2018. I’m having this problem on my website as well.

    2) All the activities on my site are single day activities. I need a user to be able to user in just one date (not two) and be able to get results.

    So for instance on my site I change the demo page for Street Food Challenges so that it is a specific date activity that is only available on 1/17/18.

    However, when I search for the date 1/18/18, it still shows up when it shouldn’t.

    Layout Search Result Activity style 1

    How do we fix this?



    1. It seem that is a small bug. Theme does not check the calendar if type of activity is specific date. We will check and update it soon. With your case, if you use Specific date, please remember set calendar available for it.

    2. I do not clear your point. Please description more details so i can help better.



    1) How soon can you fix this bug? This is a huge issue for me and I really can’t go live until this is resolved. My website is a tour aggregator so I really can’t have tours/activities show up on the search results pages when the tours aren’t actually available on a specific date.

    2) First, let’s say a user on my site puts in one date, the check in date, into the search bar. (1/31/18 in my example – see attachment)

    This should only bring up tours that are available on 1/31/18. However, you’ll see on my example that Street Food Challenges shows up on the results page even though it’s not available on 1/31/18. (see attachment 2 and 3)

    Let me know if this is more clear. Thanks!

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    It doesn’t seem to work for daily activities either.

    See attachments. Manhattan Skyline in my example is a daily activity that is unavailable on 1/23/18 but it still shows up on the search.

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    Please wait to update theme version 2.0.4 to fix the issue related to Activity calendar.

    Traveler Changelog

    Thank you.


    Is it coming out today/tomorrow? Will it also work for tours and for daily activities?



    We just uploaded it to themeforest. They will review and make it available for customer download soon.



    Thanks again for the update.

    I’m still trying to set up my site so that the user can input *just* a “check in” or “start” date for an activity (with no check out or end date) and then see in the results only those activities that are available on only that one date.

    To be more clear, I would want the following URL to only show activities that start and end on 1/24/18.
    https://tothelift.com/ski-bus-day-trips/?start=01%2F24%2F2018 (note no end date)

    To adjust this, I was trying to make changes in the code myself. (I figure I can have the end date in the filter be equal to the start date if the end date is empty.)

    However, I couldn’t figure out where in the code the activities are filtered by start and end date. Can you please tell me what file and which lines of code I should be looking at?

    Thanks so much


    To be more clear, the idea is to have the search return only those activities that are available on only 1/24/18 when I run a search like this (with no check out date). (see attachment)

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    And yes – I realize this would be a customization. I just want to know where in the code the relevant functions or methods are so I can do the customization myself. Thanks!



    You can find all then function of each field in wp-content\themes\traveler\st_templates\activity folder and the search function for activity in wp-content\themes\traveler\st_templates\search\content-search-activities.php file.



    Can you please be more specific? I’ve already gone through those files and I’m not seeing which lines of code are relevant.

    Can you please please please tell me which specific file, which specific function, and which specific lines I need to be looking at to see where the search results are filtered by start and end date?



    You can check the search results function are filtered by start and end date in /inc/class.activity.php Line: 572



    perfect! easy enough to fix once I knew what to look for – thanks!


    You might want to add the following into line 595 in the next version of the theme so people can search for one-day tours with just one calendar date in the next version of theme…I think others on the forum / on the shinetheme comments have asked about it as well…

    if ( !empty( $start ) && empty( $end ) ) {
    $today = date( ‘Y-m-d’ );
    $check_in = date( ‘Y-m-d’, strtotime( TravelHelper::convertDateFormat( STInput::request( “start” ) ) ) );
    $period = STDate::dateDiff( $today, $check_in );
    if ( $period < 0 ) $period = 0;
    $check_out = date( ‘Y-m-d’, strtotime( TravelHelper::convertDateFormat( STInput::request( “start” ) ) ) );
    $list_date = $this->get_unavailable_items( $check_in, $check_out, STInput::get( ‘people’, 1 ) );
    if ( is_array( $list_date ) && count( $list_date ) ) {
    $list = implode( ‘,’, $list_date );
    $where .= ” AND {$wpdb->posts}.ID NOT IN ({$list})”;
    $list_avail = $this->get_special_avail($check_in, $check_out);
    if ( is_array( $list_avail ) && count( $list_avail ) ) {
    $list = implode( ‘,’, $list_avail );
    $where .= ” AND {$wpdb->posts}.ID NOT IN ({$list})”;

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