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    HI guys
    I am building my site with Traveler to show customer and found some issues:

    I need Traveler for selling Tours only at this point

    1. I have my search form in home page, and have enabled Advanced Search.

    WHen you press the SEARCH button, it only does the search when you go to advanced search and press it again.
    If you DO not use the Advanced Search and press the Search Button nothing happens.

    2. I can not make the booking options appears I have set a Tour and even in demo Tours , when I press Reserve Ahora button in search result page or Reserve Ahora button over the map in Our location, it always go back to the Tour Page.
    Here is the link of the search result to save you some time
    Since I put a time limit for the tour


    3. this is a note only, the Deaparture Date and the Arrival Date and other fields in form are wrongly translated, in case of dates they are inverted and in advanced search instead of Where it reads Duration..

    Thanks a lot

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    Thanks Bryan, I have solved the 2 issues , following your instructions.

    1. Marked OFF Required from duration
    2. Place the booking info to the top and tested with paypal sandboxx all was fine.

    A question:
    I have used the layout imported from demo content, why they do not include the booking button part as default?

    2 I see you solved most problems, are you up for a job if I need a customization?

    3. I will open another tickets with generic questions about installation, cause have some doubts.

    Thanks a lot



    We can help you check and change a bit on the code to change layout as you want that just do not take too long to customize.



    Hi Bryan

    I mean a part time payed job to customize the theme, not as support.



    You can submit custom service here: https://shinehelp.shinetheme.com/custom-service/ so our manager can check and response you.



    Thanks you can mark this as solved

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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