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    Hi Umairbaba,

    That is a fixed layout so we need hide the options that does not supported to work.

    Thank for your kind.


    Hi Brayn,

    You should try to work how customer want it to be done, why did you make it fix?? If you have fixed layout now in the theme then why you are still showing in your ads the other details of the theme form customization?? I’m working with many people and i recommend many people to use different themes but this seems to be waste of time and money as seems like you are not providing the things that you have written in details of the theme.




    We have discussion the modern theme is a fixed version as well for the theme details.

    Please kindly check it again.


    This reply has been marked as private.

    HI Umairbaba,

    Is there a reason your comment is marked as private? I am curious as I am fully on your side. The theme of these guys is ridiculous, with this theme they’ve taken the whole philosophy out of what WordPress is all about: flexibility and customization in an easy way. I am not even talking about the heaps of bugs and issues that come across this forum. Its simply a waste of time and money, I don’t understand the high rating for this theme but I wouldn’t be surprised if its somehow influenced.


    Hello Umairbaba,

    Sorry for reply late. We had 3-day holiday at the weekend.
    Now, We are checking to help you. After We check complete, We will respond next to you.

    Thank you for the wait.



    we checked. You have not installed the social link on the top bar. Because, if the theme is to display all items on mobile, it will break the layout header on mobile. Therefore, the theme should only display some important items. But Only show some important items on mobile. Item list social is not shown. So, you need to custom it.



    Hi JoelHogeveen,

    I have given them access of my wp that’s why i made it private.



    Hi Thoai Ngo,

    We want login in top bar but it’s not working, that’s why i gave you access to resolve the issue. Do that asap.


Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)

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