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    My search form for “tours” does not go to the search result page, just reloads the home page?



    Please select Search Result page for tour in Traveler Settings > Tour Options > Tour Search Result Page



    Thank for the speedy reply.

    However i have added the search result page and it is public (see screen shot attached). I also noticed an error in the hotel search form, so could this be an issue with the form it self?

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    Could you provide your site url and an admin account so i can help you check it.


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    I have changed the setting of tour for you. Please search then check again.



    great – thanks for the speedy support.

    I have an issue with the paypal checkout – when i submit the order it just loading but nothing happens.

    Could you have a quick look at my settings?

    also – would it be possible to order specific work on the theme from you or other developers by payment in the future? I will need a few special settings done later on and be happy to pay for the service.




    As i can see, you does not provide your full paypal account details in Traveler Settings > Payment Options > Paypal tab so theme can not proccess payment request.

    Please check again.

    Also you can require custom job at https://shinehelp.shinetheme.com/custom-service/ so we can check.



    Thank – i will submit special requests to the custom service. So far the theme should work great but some update might be needed when we add all our products 🙂

    I have added the API details from paypal and it still just loading?

    Should i contact PayPal in this matter?



    The problem caused by your exchange rate between other currency.

    Please check in Traveler Settings > Booking Options.



    Hi Guys. Thanks so for for quick replys.

    I tested the site on mobile and the “book now” button on the test tour i have added does not link to checkout – does not work at all?

    There is also additional text next to the button which is added on mobile only.

    Where do i edit the mobile version as the icon for “itinerary” needs changed?




    I have fixed the book now button on mobile for you.

    @media (max-width: 992px) {#content .st-tour-tabs-content .package-info-wrapper .row>.col-md-6.col-sm-12 {margin-top: 50px;}}

    Please check again.


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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