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    I would like to show all Rentals and user clicks on “https://www.orlandonasferias.com.br/search-result-rental-1/”.

    I already tried to figure out how to set up it, but some Rentals are not being show even if I not fill Search Fileds.

    Some rentals siply does not appear, even if it is available to rent…I don’t know why.

    Could you check?



    You should check your rental option if it has set can book period option. Theme is only display the rental that can book at the searching time.

    Rental Options




    I have some properties that are available and is not showing.

    What is wrong?

    For exemple, this house is available: https://www.orlandonasferias.com.br/st_rental/star-house/

    BUT is not showing in Search.

    What is wrong?


    Doesn’t help you much but I have the same problem. Or almost anyway so you’re not alone 🙁
    Rentals, some not all, don´t show in search and listings.
    Have three language and in the origin language (English) some of the rentals don´t show and i cant find any logic in it. In the other two languages its ok.



    You must select Translate option for custom fields in single rental:


    and set up WPML to make it allow to translate rental to other language:


    Please check it again.


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    Is does NOT affect the fact that the origin language is not displayd. Makes no difference.

    I have tried both ways, to set all fields to “translate” and just some of them.

    And it is the same result…just 6 of 22 rentals is showing in the origin language (english) but every rental in the translated german and swedish.

    Are not that showing it´s not necessary to have all custom fields translatable? Why should you translate a setting like “Contact info”?? It most likely the same name, phone, web and fax is it not?


    Hi Bryan…

    I tried your suggestion and it did NOT fixed my issue. (As Bjoer told…)

    I also tried create an new rental (https://www.orlandonasferias.com.br/st_rental/casa-teste/) and NOTHING. You guys to check, test, verify and give us a solution. Your are the specialist in this solution.

    Just another behavior…the Rentals that is being shown change day after day. That’s why I belive it is related to Availability or Minimum Stay or other setup that block. The logic need to be reviewed.

    Help me (us) with this issue…



    I fixed the problem for you.

    You can check the rental result again.



    Hi Bryan…thanks for the solution.

    Could you inform the files or setup changed? I need track here



    I fixed the issue in \wp-content\themes\traveler\inc\class\class.rental.php.



    Hi Bryan, can you please provide me the file class.rental.php after editing to replace it in my site because i have same problem.
    to can display all rentals.



    That issue has been update in new theme version so please update your system to fix it.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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