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    That problem will be fixed in next version 2.7.

    Please wait a few day to update it.



    Hey Bryan,

    I hope you understand that I have been waiting for this problem to be solved for almost two months. I really hope the new version will fix this issue (you told me the previous one would have fixed it too so forgive my doubts), but this has been dragging on for a long time and affected my website. I bought the theme thinking to buy a finished product that although with minor bugs would be working. This has not been the case and I have lost lots of time.

    Again, I hope the next version will actually fix this. Or could you please log in in my website and fix it there? I really need to get it launched.




    The admin account to login to dashboard is not work. I can not access to help you quick fix it.

    Please kindly check again.


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    The problem is come from new OptionTree 2.7.

    We does not follow the plugin anymore. All the custom meta is stored in previous plugin v2.6 so just keep it to use.

    It will be fixed in next theme v2.7.



    OK thanks. What can I do to make it work in the meantime? Should I delete the plug in or what?
    I feel like I have been waiting quite a long time already, when would v2.7 be out anyway? Or can you fix it for me?


    The new version will available in a few hours. (today).

    Please wait for it.



    Hi Bryan,

    I have updated the theme, synced data and availability and it is still not working. At this point this is getting ridiculous… please help me fix this directly from my website (the login details are in the private reply above).



    We found where the problem caused.

    it is filter that automatic added to url with minimum price to $22. But your avg price is $20.

    Our team will check and update this immediately.



    Thank you for diagnosing the problem, that could be it if the minimum price is calculated per person rather than in total.

    Still waiting for it to be solved though – has your team got round to it yet? Would really appreciate your prompt help



    We will update this in next theme version.


    When is the newest update coming out?

    I really need my website to be functioning by Tuesday 14th May. It has been months that I have been trying to get you to fix this single major problem in your theme. I hope you understand this is really not ok given I paid for the theme and for the support…

    Please fix this asap at least on my website. My login details are in my latest private reply.



    We will release new theme version on this week with the fix.

    Please kindly wait a few time for it.



    Thanks for your reply. This is crazy though, I hope you realise I feel like I spent money to buy a theme that does not work and a support system that does not support me – it’s been over three months and you have not solved this crucial issue.

    Can you fix this directly on my website (log in details are in the private reply above)? I urgently need this to be working and it’s not the first time you tell me that the new version would work (and then it does not).



    I have updated it with the new update available and it is not working. Please fix this now on my website. This is ridiculous.

    How can I send a formal complaint or how do I get a refund for this terrible service?

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 38 total)

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