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    Yes, I had a custom code for hiding Visa/PayPal/etc. logos from the footer.

    Can you help me to update WPBakery Plugin 6.0.5. It doesn’t seems to work, neither from the theme, nor from the host. Is it compatible with WordPress 5.2.4.?




    We check plugin Visual Composer 6.0.5 and WordPress version 5.4.2 in Php version 7.1.
    It is worked well. So, You can fully use the Visual Composer plugin with WordPress version 5.4.2




    I donwloaded the plugin from Documentation and update it, but it’s not 6.0.5. It’s still 5.4.7. Please check your link.

    Do you have any news about the other issues previously mentioned? Bryan told me the team will check imediately those bugs, but nothing solved…



    Hello There,

    Please make sure that you are running our newest version 2.7.7

    When you had done updated this new version, you can find this plugin in Traveler/inc/files

    Looking for your response as confirmation.



    Done with Wp Bakery plugin.

    Please solve the other issues because for example, I can’t aprove the bookigs in this moment. Please check the other topic.



    Hello There,

    I had to response in your other topic already.

    Kindly, check on this and give us your admin account again. Our Dev cannot access you site.




    Do you have any news with the next issues:

    – problem with second currency (RON) when you press the search button in the home page (are shown only 3 accomodations from 22 available);

    – Booked services showed available on the second language (Ro) in Search Results and also in Hotel Inventory;

    You already said that those are theme bugs.



    For the second issue, you can check 23-25 November, for Casa Maria and you’ll see that is still shown as available on the second language, even if it’s already booked.

    Set romanian as language, use the home page filter, put that date (23-25 November), and press search.

    Do it also for english and you’ll see the difference for CASA MARIA.



    I saw that after importing the ICAL code from Airbnb, the second issue is solved, but still remains a problem for accomodations which are not on Airbnb.


    Hello! Some of your dev guys worked today on my website maybe trying to solve the second currency issue.

    They added a new hotel for testing i guess which remains on the website.


    Also, something happened in the accomodation section because there are not shown anymore all the listings in English.

    22 listings in English


    28 listings in Romanian

    Cauta Cazari Autentice in Romania

    I hope nothing else was impacted by their tests.

    Is there any possibility to notiffy me when you work on my website and when you finish your work? This is a live website and can’t be leaved with some sections broken from one day to another. Please check if everything works well until you finish your job.

    Please don’t use anymore this admin account. You can use the one provided in the other topics. (adrian.t@**********.com)



    They broke also the homepage:

    Check ST List of Services (the second one): there are defined 12 locations, but are shown only 8.

    The “What are you looking for?” section was also broken. Glampings dissapeared ans other accomodations also.

    Few accomodations are not shown anymore on the website english version.

    Please solve this ASAP.

    Do you think it should be better to work on staging version and only implement the changes on the live version when everything is ok?


Viewing 11 posts - 31 through 41 (of 41 total)

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