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    1- there is 25 ready trip in page but when u search it in Turkish it shows only 1 why?
    2- how can i add language and currency switcher top bar in mobile view?
    3- im getting error while i try to book car “country not same” how can i fix?



    1- Does all your other tour is in Turkish​? Also you should go to Traveler Settings > Sync Availability and Upgrade Data to update database structure to make theme work properly.

    2- The mobile layout is not supported to display that switcher. You have to modify code to change it.

    3- Please description more details of the problem so i can help better.


    1- i m sure that all tours translated well to Turkish but search results show none(this is big porblem for me)

    2- just give me the name of file that i need to customize for mobile top bar to make it sticky and put mobile top bar language and currency switcher(or header menu)

    3- when i try to book car if i choose same city but different districts or towns for pick up and return the book form gives error “country not same”

    4-transfer features when will be ready.



    1. Please set up all the field to be translated then check again.


    2. You can edit header/topbar in this folder traveler\st_templates\layouts\modern\common\header and using Css code to style for mobile screen

    3. Our team will check it now.

    4. I can not tell you the release time for that car option now.



    Hi, Bryan!
    About point 1, “Please set up all the field to be translated then check again.

    1. About which fields you mean, those in hotel page or those in Search Results Page or both page types?
    2.Where and when i must “set up all the field to be translated“?
    Before translating page in original language, or after translating page in already translated in second language page?


    Hi Alexander,

    Could you create your own ticket with your site url so i can help better?


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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