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    Several questions ?

    1) How to display a map map of all services without search bar and without advanced search.
    2) Partner Area
    2a) When registering a partner, can one limit the choices according to one’s sector of activity? Currently a partner Hotel has access to all activities. This can be confusing
    2b) Can we edit the fields in the partner online registration form, as removed the video field.
    2c) How to find in the admin, the information of a new registration Partner to confirm, without going into users?
    2d) Ditto, for the formualire submit, or find the request for approval?
    2nd) Not enough information partner in your guides!
    2f) How to liliter the weight of images in the download?
    3) I live in Madagascar, and I can not find our currency ARIARY in the choice of money, can we have it in a next update.
    4) For a site that is in the trip, you propose almost no corresponding icon. fontawesome.icons is very limited.
    Thank you in advance for your answers
    Phill Tana



    1. Map on the header section required a service name. Your can watch our video bellow for more details:

    There is no element to display all service on the map.

    2. Partner area

    – In next theme version, user can provide membership package that limit service for partner.

    – The registration form does not have video field. Please description more details so i can help you better.

    – When admin access the dashboard, there will be a notification of new partner registration. When you click to view, it link you to the list partner page that you can approve the new partner account.

    – The same with above question, theme display the notification of services.

    – How to liliter the weight of images in the download? i can not understand this point.

    3. Yes we will add that currency in next theme update.

    4. Traveler theme also support Flaticon icon. Our document bellow will show you more details:

    Upload Font Flaticon


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    Thank you for your answers;
    regarding the weight of the images, I will then say the size of the images that can be downloaded in the Partner registration form. Can we not plan to imitate the taiille?
    When creating a custom field in Hotel Option, is this field found in the online registration partner form?
    It would be nice to have a map map Google map all services.


    How to remove the blur on the slide images of the home
    see link http://newsite.booking-hotel-madagascar.com
    We are already at zero transparency, it’s really too vague



    You can use this css code to remove blur effect on header slider.

    .bg-holder>.bg-blur {filter: blur(0px) !important;}

    Thank you.

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