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    what is a shortcode to add car category and attribute in search from?



    That field to add HTML code to display in search form. If you can code, you can add your custom html code there.



    can you tell me how i can get only car category there? will be helpful for me



    In “Use HTML bellow” option, you can not put PHP code to get car category. You can only add HTML code there. Sorry for inconvenience.

    Thank you.


    [vc_wp_categories options="dropdown"]
    I used above shortcode in that area then its showing categories of WordPress but when i tried to add
    short code for taxonomy it does nothing. here is the code

    <select>[st_cars_attribute taxonomy=”st_category_cars” options=”dropdown”]</select>

    What should be the shortcode to showing car category (attribute) in search form?



    That field only support HTML code. Also if you want to display only car category or any kind of car taxonomy, you can go to Car Options tab then config Car Search Fields for that taxonomy.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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