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    I’m creating the membership page. I do follow the instruction, but it didn’t show up.How?

    Can you suggest any service provider can do traveler site customization. I’m kind the need that service immediately.

    Also, How to change the banner?

    Please help.



    Create page package Layout modern



    You can follow this document to set up membership package page layout:

    Create page package Layout modern

    And please edit the page, upload featured image to display as the top banner of page.




    I have several problem. Please refer to link below. thanks.




    I just activated the hotel and room option. But, this option not avaliable in partner dashboard. Partner able to add car, but unable to add hotel.

    Please help.



    Did you use membership package that include Hotel service?





    Yes. You can check from here. https://myjomsewa.com/member-packages/

    For advance package I set for RM100 per month. If the partner chooses this package, does PayPal collect payment monthly from partner?

    What if I set different commission from difference package? What will effect to the price? As shown at http://guide.travelerwp.com/docs/other-feature/partner/membership/



    1. When the package is run out of time, partner need purchase package again to continue upload service. Paypal will not automatic colect payment monthly.

    2. You can set different price for your packages you want.




    1. How to install paypal for partner payment?

    2. How to create reset password page or email? the instruction from traveler document is not clear.


    one more question, how to create search layout page for hotel ?



    In new theme version, we has split payment gateway to use so you need install and activate payment gateway plugin as our document bellow:

    Payment Methods

    Also the document bellow to help you create search result page:

    Hotel Search Result

    Page Option



    Hi.. how can i delete/disable those features at page-user-setting?

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    In this case, you need custom code that not belong to our support policy.

    You should find a developer to help you customize the function and control it.



    Can we get the booking data through external link?


    Hello There,

    Please note that the external booking that supported in Theme will allow user to redirect to those search page result.

    We do not manage or control any data with those external link.




    I had to list my problem with the link below.


    Hope you can give some hint to solve this. thanks

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)

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