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    1. Before share to facebook, you can check debug by using facebook tool here:


    2. When i switch to parent theme and try to search Cairo tour, it automatic display well.

    3. unluckily, theme does not have order by option for advance search. We will check and update in future.

    4. I searched your tour in Cairo and duration display well in filter sidebar.

    Tours Search Results

    5. The filter work with AND method. Please follow my image to change to OR.


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    1. I’m not sure what url you want me to put in that developer link but all I know is that when you try and share tour, the post title etc don’t appear in share like in your demo:
    Try yourself:
    Your demo: http://travelerwp.com/tour/3-day-loire-mer-extraordinaire/

    2. I switched to parent them and tried search “egypt” and it took 13secs for the results to drop down. This is exactly the same as with child theme. That’s too slow and also if you press enter it doesn’t go to a search results page so people think it just doesn’t work.

    3. Can you advise which file to change to add alphabetical order by option to the drop down please?

    4. The problem is not happening in tour results, it’s happening in the Location page. It has something to do with the widget (currently under location sidebar) when add additional filter lists.
    See here:

    5. Thank you for that. I will try it shortly. Can you also let me know how to ensure that if parent is clicked, that all sub-categories aren’t clicked as well? He would also like to know how to make filters option in sidebar closed not open as in not revealing filter until title is clicked.

    Thanks again for looking into this..

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    1. that because of you are not using our layout to build tour content.

    When i deactivated some 3rd part plugins, your tour display nothing.

    2. Some of customer has also notified this issue. We are working on to improve it.

    3. Please follow my image to do it.

    'orderby'            => 'name',
    'order'              => 'ASC',

    4. Following our design, the filter function only work on search result page.

    5. In order to change that, you need change a lot of code so it quite complicate to guide.
    We will consider to update it.


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    1. We will check again about this option and inform you to change it.

    2. We are working on to release new theme version. With it, you no need to reload site for each time select the new filter.

    It will available in one more hour.



    Hi Bryan,

    1. Thank you. Please check because it is currently set as OR instead of AND, following your instructions but as you can see, no filtering is done at all when changing the taxonomy options.

    2. We performed the update however the filter is not working with Ajax or separate filter button. Can you please advise?




    Please rebuild the search result with new Ajax element then check again.




    What does that mean “rebuild the search result with new Ajax element”? That is not clear.

    I have updated the theme and the ajax isn’t working in the filtering?

    Thanks for a quick reply..



    We build new element to help customer select filter without reload the page.

    My image will show you new element to build search result page.


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    Hello again..

    Yes I’ve added the ajax filters and search result elements in tour results page but still no tours are appearing. It flashes up “X tours in xx” for a second and the ajax wheel turns but no tours show.

    Can you please check and have a look. Don’t forget that the AND functionality has been changed to OR as you suggested above and that wasn’t working before the Ajax update either (read above message) so please check and make sure that this is working also. Thank you for your guidance!



    I have switch to main theme and it work well. Did you custom any code in child theme?

    Please check again.



    Thanks..that’s great!

    1.The tours appear but doesn’t filter the taxonomies correctly.

    2. I have temporarily changed the AND to OR function on the main theme so class file so you can check that also.

    I have made changes to child theme so will check what is effecting that. If you could get it working on the main themeI’ll work it out from there. Thanks.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)

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