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    1. If i use woocomerce for bookings, the partner have the same info on the dashboard?
    bookings, statistics, sales values…

    2. It’s possible on the partner service uploads, not inclue the site and email fields?
    On their services if there is that info, customers can go to their sites and make the bookings.

    3. On partner, can i add more services, for example if they buy “Tours” package can i add “Hotels” on the same partner account?

    4. It’s possible have on “Tours”, price for tour instead of price per person?
    For example, Tour Jeep Safari price for jeep instead for person. That was great for private tours where they buy the service instead the places.

    5. Option of Bookings on request needed? It’s possible?

    6. Need to have diferent prices on same tour, for tour duration.
    For example, Tour Quad Ride for 90min 75€, and for 180min 140€ on same tour.

    7. Is this template compatible with extranet plguins?

    If not’s possible (point 3,4,5,6) thats was a huge feature for next update



    1. Woocommerce use differential mechanism so it can not display the details in partner dashboard. You should check in Woocommerce > Reports.

    2. Please provide a screenshot of place that contain partner info that you do not want to display so i can help you hide it.

    ul.list.list-inline.text-small {
        display: none;

    3. You can refer our document for Tour package here:

    Tour Packages

    4.5.6. This feature have in our schedule update. It might available on next release or later.

    7. We has not tested with that plugin in theme. You can try it.



    2. I need to not show this information in all posts (tours, hotels, activities, rental….)

    3. What i need is for example one partner buy member package TOURS, and they what to buy also the member package HOTELS. It’s possible to add the “HOTEL PACKAGE” to her existing account? Not make tour packages, add more services to their member package.

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    2. The code i gave you will remove that information for all single service.

    3. After purchased a membership package, there is only one way to buy other package is Upgrade function that apply for other services. If partner buy Hotel package, they only can upload hotel. You should create a package for Hotel and Tour so they can upgrade the package to upload hotel and tour.



    Where i paste the code?



    You can use the code in TRaveler Settings > Styling Options > Custom Css.



    Thanks, it works.



    I really need the option to set tour price, we have a lot of tours with single price and i can’t upload them because of that.

    What can you do?



    You can suggest new tour function for our team at contact@shinetheme.com so we will check and update it in next theme version.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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