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    Good morning i’ll try to copy my unfinished issues before ticksy service go off so i’ll try to explain as well as i can and copy paste them from there as i had answered to the supporter.

    1) If you look at my screenshots you will see that i have made different car features (check the car features omn website) , and when i am in edit single car page the taxonomies show only the “Cars” and “Municipality of Kalamata” —> this one is not even a feature ,so definitely there is a problem here.Check my screenshots and you will understand.(example1)

    Also on another car for example it is showing 1 feature more the Location feature but besides that there are plenty of other features that are not shown.(example2)

    2)Can you check the button on the flights page?I need you to change only the specific buttons no other buttons on website.I want them to have this orange color when active,and on hover and remain like that not change to blue as they do.And when inactive the text must be white in order to be visible.If you check all my button on the website(hotels,tours) you will see how i want them exactly the same.Check the button screenshots to understand better.

    3)Here i need to make a question for an issue that we talk with support a long time now.
    The themes google map element dont display propery in the tabs of a third party plugin,the point is that the plugins team proposed this solution:
    “Thanks for writing in! I can see that in your first tab it is working fine, but in your second tab it is showing such behavior.

    This is difficult to figure out why it is happening, but if you have a developer then you can do one thing that you can use our filter to reinitialize your theme map.

    Here is the trigger:- ultAdvancedTabClicked

    We cannot alter any code in our plugin to reinitialize any third party module. We did try to fix our own tab issue that were being with maps and other module as well.

    I really appreciate your persistence and patience, but the issue is been from your theme and we cannot do any sort of customization to our plugin.

    You can ask your theme author to make such changes if you wish to make their map working on tabs.”

    Your supporter told me to ask your devs if they can do ths little trick for me,so please if you can help me with that ill appreciate it a lot!

    In order to get access on my website through ftp i send you a text file,read it because you wont be able to log in else!

    If you can’t connect via ftp please contact me in my email to explain you in private how to do this or you can ask support as they knew cause we had explained back then on ticksy.

    Thanks a lot team ,have a nice week all.

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    Hello Giannis,

    Thank you for waiting.
    I have checked your isues.

    No1, When you already selected the properties (Vehicles features, location) on the sidebar, it will shows all of items of the properties. See my attachment below.
    It is not just showing features, but all the elements you choosed.
    No2. I added css code in the Theme Options for you.
    No3. I added small js code to fix it, you can re-check.

    Thank you so much,
    Hai Nguyen

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    Good morning team.
    Thanks for 1 and 2 accurate answers and what i needed.

    On 3 though yes it seems to work now map coming on first load of page in “location” tab but the map is not centered on the exact lat lon marker.(check in “location” tab of Kalamata city for example) I mean when i put lat lon of a location map is showing a bit more to the right and the marker of the exact spot is not visible you need to scroll map in order to see marker.Am i doing something wrong?Or it’s something else causing it?
    We were trying so long with this map issue and really thank you for helping me out, can i ask though where is this js code added?In theme files?(In future updates of theme or code will this be lost?)

    Thanks a lot for fast reply and solutions,have a nice day all!


    Hello can i add something, i have a question about order by field when we edit elements like lists for hotels and tours.Is there and order by price choise in your future plans?Because lets say that someone want to make a page with lowest prices of hotels or tours how can we order them by default by lowest price?
    Thanks again for informing!
    Keep up the perfect work!


    Hello Giannis,
    No.1, I have fixed for you. But i think that your site is very slow, maybe it comes from that plugin. You need to consider. We added in the theme and update.

    No.2, We already created this task for update in the future. Thank you for your ideas.

    Hai Nguyen


    Good morning thank you for both tasks.

    The code you put for issue 1 if you update theme or code in the future will be lost or it will be stored?

    About the website speed i have noticed also and i have asked supporter on ticksy also before some time and he told me that you make some changes on that and you try to improve speed in future updates.
    If you think that it’s from this specific plugin should i contact their support or you advise me something different?Because the site is built with this specific plugin and i can’t deactivate it.
    Thanks a lot for all the help and guidance.
    King regards.


    Yes i can see the delay is obvious now.Can you please check and see where this delay is coming from?
    The changes you made for theme speed are active or will be applied in future updates?
    Thanks for your perfect support from start.



    He has added the code to our theme code so dont worry, the code won’t be lose.

    Also there are many reasons why a WordPress website is slow. Our document will show you more details of it.

    My Website Is Slow. What Can I Do?

    Also you can try WP Rocket plugin to improve loading site.

    We are still working on to make the theme loading better in next theme version or later.

    Thank you.


    Thanks a lot Bryan for fast response!Ok, speed is very important so keep up the incredible work you do on this theme.
    If i need anything else i’ll send you.For further issues should i reply in the same topic or open new one each time?
    Have a nice day all of your team!


    You can continue post your question in this topic because it is not quite long.


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    1. User can not book room direct on single hotel. When click on book room, it will open single room with more room details then user can book it.

    Also i can see you are using wrong element for availabe room. Please use ST Hotel Room Available instead of ST Hotel Room Search Result.

    2. Please check again with rental layout like hotel.


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    The price of your car is discount to 50$ per day. It seem there is a problem of display price in list info. The true price per day is 50$ so total price is 300$.

    Also you can see phone number and persional email in Contact Information tab when you edit that car.



    So it should write 50 instead of 100 in list info?Can you fix that problem you refer to ?
    Or is it something it will be fixed in future update?

    Thanks Bryan for explanation!Top as always!

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