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    I will note our dev team to check and update it and if it easy to fix, i will login to help you quick fix it.



    Thanks so much !
    Have a nice weekend ahead!

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    1. It is not possible to remove that text on specific layout because the text is separate tag. It come with price.

    You can use Poedit to remove it from all rental layout.

    2. I have fixed it for you. Please check your room and hotel again.

    3. Please translate in the language file of language you are using.



    Hello Bryan thanks for answers!

    1)Remove it from all rental layout means to delete the text string in poeddit?

    3)Im thinking of disabling preload on website in order to dont have to change texts etc, so i went to general settings and disabled preload but if you check website now when you go in any page or refresh page the page(while preload was happening) appears broken and when it loads it displays fine.This weird behavior on every page with preload deactivated. They appear broken at start(css) and after some delay they display fine?
    Why this happens?

    And 1 more qustion about the paypal.Is it possible to put paypal for each partner individually?i mean someone who books a hotel to be able to pay directly the hotel owner?

    Thanks once more!
    Have a nice weekend all team!


    Good morning.

    1. Yes that’s right. You can replace that text by white keyword.

    3. Every theme neet time to load style (css) to display the content. Following the way to work, the content will load first then css structure. That is reason we built preload to hide the processing.

    4. Unluckily, the payment method apply for whole site.



    Good morning!

    3) If i have preload enabled how can i change the text that is says “looking for rentals” on this?Imean only the word rentals,or should i erase the whole text like we said for previous situation?

    1)I wanted to ask you about the text and button color we fixed in previous message,can you please tell me the code in order to be able to change the text color in buttons(for example “search”,”price”,”number” buttons) when they are active?(i mean orange highlighted)from cause i dont want it to be grey like now, i need it white.Just the code ill insert it in the pages and layout myself.

    Have a nice week all!



    3. You can only change the Looking for to other word by Poedit by with the service name like Rental, that is post type name so you can not change it.

    1. I can not see these words on your front page.

    Please give me more more details or screenshot so i can help you change it by css code.

    Thank you.

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    If i set it the orange color for number and text in active, what about the background of it?

    Which color you want to set so i can help you do it because currently, background color is orange so you can not see the number/text if change to orange too.



    No 🙂 i want to change the text inside the orange background now this text is grey i want it white.Only when background is orange though that means only when buttons are active because when we have inactive buttons the background is white.



    I have changed the active item to white color for you.

    Please check again.


    Yes seems fine!Thanks a lot.
    If i notice any other issue or question ill send you!
    Have a nice Monday all there,
    best regards.

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