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    1. I have checked it and see the distance of that shape is automatical calculated by js file from parent tab. It can not change by css code.

    Please contact plugin author for more details.

    Also i can’t remember what thumbnail under picture you want to hide. Please give me a screenshot so i can help you hide it again.

    2. Yes it will be fixed in next update. Following our schedule, it will availabe in first week of september.


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    If you use only ST Gallery Slider element, the border will work well. We have checked and see the jquery from advance tab plugin changed it.

    Also you can use this css code to hide it.

    .ult_tabcontent .fotorama__nav-wrap {display: none;}



    Ah i see.Ok team thanks a lot!
    If i need something else ill let you know!
    King regards to everyone.

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    I have changed the text color of button for you.

    1. That is Map marker icon of your hotel. Please open Traveler Settings > Hotel Options then check again.

    2. When you click on hotel title, it will open single hotel page. It is work right.

    Also invoice section will display at the last column. Please go to Traveler Settings > Booking Options > Invoice tab and enable it to use.

    3. These first field use for partner that he help customer create a booking. Customer no need to do anything.
    The second field is list of booking room from customer. In admin panel, you can see it in Rooms > Room Bookings.



    Hello team.
    Thanks for text color!

    1)Ok yes i saw marker but what are the blue circles and why for example the blue circle that has “2” when click on it shows 1, same with 6 acyivities number if we click on 6 it shows only 1 activity?And where i have connected all these hotels and activities on my admin account?As you see it is working properly?

    2)I saw invoice option but i suppose we can’t have invoice from each hotel management right?I mean all invoices should be from traveler company?If you check panel2 image lets say someone want to see more details a specific booking id like the room of hotel for example is there an option like this?

    This panel we speak about is the partners panel right?
    If someone is a subscriber or customer on site(whats the difference between subscriber and customer users btw?)does they also have a panel?

    Im trying to understand how panels work exactly thanks for your patience in explaining!
    Have a nice day Bryan!



    1. It seem your 6 post has exact the same location so when you hit on it, it display only one.

    We only index all services in the dashboard outside the frontend, not stats in the admin panel.

    2. Invoice option only display for the booking after you have enabled it. It does not display for booking previous.

    And yes, we are talking the dashboard on frontend. All users has that dashboard.

    Thank you.


    2) Yes i understand invoice options works after enabled.When we print invoices can each invoice have different hotel management logo?Or only 1 logo and information for every invoice?Also without enabling invoice cant someone see more information of each booking id somewhere?

    3)All user have that dashboard?And if someone is only a customer or subscriber he will be able to have the hotel,tour,car,rental etc tabs available?He will be able to create hotels rooms etc if he is not partner?How this exactly works isn’t dashboard restricts features for each user category?

    4)Also another question i have is if i want to change text in login-full page should i do that with poedit as we have done with previous texts?Or can i customize this page from somewhere else?

    Thanks a lot for explaining all the features in order to understand!


    5)Hello again i was checking the videos in youtube and i noticed in the last ones that there is a “form builder” in admin traveler settings but i cant see it in my admin?
    The same in “booking options” next to “invoice” there is a “booking fee” tab which i also dont have.
    Are these live or just in the videos?

    Thanks for everything!

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    Good morning team any checking on any of my questions?
    Thanks in advance!

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