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    Good morning team and Bryan.
    We have around one month to speak i hope all are fine.I just renewed support cause it had expired 2 weeks now.
    I have some issues occured can you check them for me please?

    1.Firstly i noticed in options—>styling options that in admin the way i see options may be broken?Because as i remember the colours were showing differently in backend options(see image 1 where i mean).Also when i right click on backend options i see 1000 errors with this message:
    Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property ‘getNotificationManagerImpl’ of undefined
    at h (tinymce.min.js:28)
    at k (tinymce.min.js:28)
    at <anonymous>
    Is this something that has to do with the enabled notifications in revolution slider plugin?Or not?

    2.I want to make some changes on the checkout module form , i need tha word payfast to change which i couldnt change with poeddit and also a window with a text under submit form, check image 2 to understand what i need.

    3.After we submit option in module on the next page(booking success page)I want to add 1 more phrase under the text which you can see in image 3 i attach.

    4.Also i want to ask you the following cause i see a lot of people mentioning it in forum.Is calendar working properly between different languages when someone books a room?because the website will be multilingual and i need to know if calendar will be sycronized for bookings in every language.

    Thanks for answers and glad to hear from you again!

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    1. It seem the message related to 3rd plugin named TinyMce Advance. Please deactivate it then check again.

    2. That is the name of payment gateway. It does not allow to translate.

    3. My image will show you more the file to add it.

    <h5 class="text-center"> <?php echo __('YOUR TEXT HERE' , ST_TEXTDOMAIN ) ; ;?></h5>

    4. This is difficult case in order to make sync with WPML. We will check and update it soon.

    Thank you.

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    Good morning Bryan.

    1)What 3d plugin ? I cant find in my plugins any plugin called TinyMce Advance, where you saw that ?And what this plugin does?

    2)There is no way to translate this text ?Because we changed code and we want to redirect users to pay with card.If we cant change this text can we make another popup option, the way we want to redirect to pay with card?
    Also you didnt answer on same question about the window i need under the Submit form option,check image 2 and see what i write about the window that appears under Payfast option,i need the same with the text i provide under Submit form option.

    3)Ok thanks for the code ill try put it.

    4)Ok Bryan when you have more news about this tell me i dont have translated website yet so its not in first priority.

    Thanks once more,best regards.



    1. WordPress version 4.9 has been changed something related to color picker so the field to add color hex code disappeared. We will check and update it following wordpress new version.

    2. My image will show you the file to change PayFast gateway name. Also in order to get new text popup for submit form, you have to create new php file and change a lot of code to check the select action. It quite complicate so i can not help you this case.

    Thank you.

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    1. I just clear the cache then it gone.

    2. With the message popup of Payfast, we create new php file with the text message and load this file in other file to make it display. There is no exist file for Submit form so you have create new php file to get that. It is not only change some of exist text.

    3. You can check our release log bellow for more details:

    Traveler Changelog

    Thank you.


    Hello Bryan.

    Thanks for 1) and 2)

    As for 3) i saw that there is no update so we can filter hotels and tours by discount or even price,i used filter by discount and brings no results. So is there future plans when this will be fixed?

    4)I have another question i was checking this layout for hotels and tours you have in this URL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4h2VmSEIdik
    but this video is a bit hard to understand i see he uses a layout that says tour half map and i searched on my layouts i cant find something with half-map.So can you please show me how you created this half map layout for hotels?

    Thanks a lot for your answers!
    Have a nice day everyone.



    3. In search result page, theme support filter by Price. You can refer our demo here for more details:

    Search Result Hotel 1

    4. You can follow this videos for new hotel, new tour layout:


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    3. Unfortunately, ST List service does not have order by price.

    4. In the video i send you, it have full layout and option and also the steps to build it.

    It have a few different is when you select type of map (full map or half map) in element settings.

    Please check it again.

    1. I have created new task to update this feature. But the problem is if partner can approve them self, they do not know the money was send to admin account or not. If they did not send and partner approved the booking, that is a bug logic.

    2. You can download latest visual plugin here:



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