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    Hi thanks for you help see in this time i write you because i need your help with some isuess that i have here
    1)I have declared some attribute for the field Hotels named Hotel Facilities where i have a lot facilities with the icons set there. I have the first issues is in this part i have some icons of the class fa that dont show it this like for example fa-map-o icon. The
    2) The second issues is in the hotel layout in the Facilities tab dont listing and shows any facility even when i have declared this in the attributes.
    3) The same happen in the grid style when i list the hotels using the component ST list of Hotels i set the grid style and sign the taxonomy attributes of the Hotels Facilities but dont show it.
    3) I set the half map page for the accommodations page happens that when i open for first time the page show me the map where i have located some houses but when i make a search of any locations rooms and Adults the map dont reloaded again.

    I attach some pictures below please can you help me.

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    1. Please try upload latest fontawesome to theme to make it work property.

    Font Awesome

    2. Did you select these attributes when you create hotel?

    3. The hotel search result element does not display attribute information.

    4. I tried to search hotel in Trinidad, Cuba and it found out one room and display well.

    Please check again.


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    Yes i already have selected the element when i create all the hotels but dont show it yet in the facilities tag when i see the hotel profile can you check this for me please if you go to the hotel anyone in the admin panel that you will se that i already have selected all the icons but they do not show it in the facilities tag when i go to the hotel profile page


    see the pictures here i send you the config of one hotel like example i have this services selected of the attributes but don appear in the facilities tag in the hotel page

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    The problem is you set slug for your hotel falicities incorrect so theme can not find to display.

    I have created new hotel falicities attribute, please check again.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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