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    When creating filters on search results pages, I noticed that I could’t make some adjustments, such as:
    1. The filters are by default open, and I would like to close them (Screenshot 1).
    2. All items in the filter are in alphabetical order, and for some attribute types, I definitely need to put them in the specified order (Screenshot 2).

    I would be very grateful for the help!

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    You can use this css code to make the filter closed as default:

    ul.list.booking-filters-list > li > div {display: none;}

    Also in order to change the filter by specified order, you have to change the code.



    Ok, thanks for css code.
    Maybe you can show me where i can change the filter by specified order?



    We just updated new Ajax filter for search result page. Do you use old element to build the filter or use Ajax filter?

    I can not find your site url so i can not check it.

    Please provide your site url so i can help you better.


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    I checked and see your filter display in alphabetical order well. If change the code, all filter option will change too.

    It can not take specific taxonomi and change the order type for it.



    Please add the order of the location of the attribute element in the sidebar of the filters in a new update. Thank you

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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