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    Good morning. I continue trying to make work the website and I have some questions.
    1) There is an option to make a advanced search of rooms with the room facilities, is possible to include the prices of the availibility in the date specified?

    2) Is possible in the page of the room see the calendar with more than 1 month? Is possible to change the colour available to green and not available to red?

    3) I would like to change the specific emails when someone make a booking by woocomerce. How can a change the text of the email?

    4) Is possible to create an account for the partners, and they will receive an email with the bookings like me, but they witout the prices?



    1. You can config advance search for room in Traveler Settings > Room Settings. There are have Price Slider type for it.

    2. Theme only display one month for calendar. Also you can try this code in Traveler Settings > Styling Options > Custom Css to change the background color of available/unavailabe cell:

    .single-hotel_room .calendar-content.fc-unthemed .btn-disabled,.single-hotel_room .datepicker table tr td.disabled.day {
        background-color: #af2626 !important;
    .single-hotel_room .calendar-content.fc-unthemed .btn.btn-available, .single-hotel_room .datepicker table tr td.day {
        background-color: #abffbc !important;

    3. We does not control the email booking of woocommerce. All of it are default.

    4. Partner only receive email of post that they created.



    Thank you very much for your answer.
    I have two smalls problems with edit room.
    1) In the deposit option, I can not select deposit by amount, I can choose deposit by percent and disallow deposit.
    2) Room footage (square feet): In spain we do not use square feet, wee use square metres. How Can I change?
    3) Extra Price would be selectable? Per exemple, parking place cost 8€ per day, and I will let able to choose fo the client the option.
    4) Talking about the parking, what is the best way to offer the parking?
    4.1) One options is create a room for each parking. But the price will be diferent when they rent an apartment or not. The price of the parking is 12€, and if they rent an apartment too the price of the parking is just 8€ per day.



    1. Since traveler v2.0, we does not allow to use deposit by amount anymore because of some security when calculate total price.

    2. You can use Poedit to change that words:

    Manual Translation

    3. Currently, extra service display with default value is 0. If people want to hire it, they select other value for it then theme will count total price.

    4. As we know, almost of our customer has set [service] price are included parking price. that mean when they hire a service (ex: hire a hotel room), they will have free parking place.



    Today I am investigating about the ical. I got to import my ical calendar from google.
    Usually, when I imported to Airbnb the calendar from google, i added a new event and I had to mark Ocuppied, and in description I could write I need. Now in your I write 0[unavalible]. But my question is, How can I upload the availibility If somebody rent a room from the web of traveler, the google calendar will be updated automatically? Or I can get a new link ical from traveler for share to airbnb, wimdu, homelidays…


    My home page is loading all the time and it doesn’t work. alquiler.inmomercasa.com



    Theme only support get data from ical to site. It does not allow upload avaibility to ical.

    Also your site does not load because you are using a lot of cache plugin.

    Please remove cache then check again.



    The home page is loading very fast now, but the design is weird, How Can I put the normal design of the home page?



    Traveler theme provide so many header layout. You can refer our document for more details and choose layout you want.

    Home Page



    Good morning.
    I am creating the prices of a room in a hotel. WOuld be possible to create a specific rate and use this rate for several rooms in diferents hotels?
    Per Exemple. Hotel A, with single room. have the same price that Hotel B with single room. And If I change the price in single room of Hotel A, the price of single room in Hotel B is changed automaticcaly.



    There is no option to help you do it.

    You must manual set price for each room.



    Locations. I have created a new location Spain – Calpe, and I delete all of the rest. and when somebody press where in my website alquiler.inmomercasa.com, just appears Australia-Sydney to select.



    Theme only display location name to search if the location has been assigned to a post.

    If your site does not have any post using that location, the location does not appear.

    Also if your site have any change related to location, please update your location data to make theme work better.

    Our faq will show you more details:

    Why should you use upgrade data feature?



    Oops! Something went wrong.
    This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.

    I think I have a different error with the javascript



    You can follow our document to create new google map api:

    Google API


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