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    Do you custom our theme?
    I go to setup service activity but A few tabs settings are disappeared



    yes, I used child theme to hide/remove price, booking and review part from front end and those parts from back end because client requested that parts to be removed so he can easy add hotels, restaurants etc. on his own.



    Please note: we are not responsible for handling errors​ if you have for your old theme and customized code.

    You need control your code to make the theme work normal.

    Best regards


    Well, I have the same problem when I’m using your original theme without customized code.
    Same thing with top bar not working, same search results showing over all pages ant finally this problem with showing activity.
    So I think that you are responsible if your theme have some bugs, and reading this forum I get impression that it’s more than a few bugs.
    Also I offered money to get this solved because I’m loosing money and my client is loosing money every day.


    Did you custom code in parent theme too? Please confirm so i can upload the new theme from us to check it?



    You can upload new theme. I only edited category list in sidebar to show all results without “Show more” button.



    Please back up the customize code before i upload new theme to install. If not, your changes will be lose.



    Already did, upload theme.


    Please contact if you have any other question so i can help.



    You didn’t upload new theme and I had to do that on my own (even I tried that for couple of times) + that didn’t solve anything. Also I offered money for solving this problem, problem with top bar and making changes so I can display activity without price, no results for that.
    So I guess that I don’t have any more questions.



    The theme has been updated to latest version in your system now.



    As I see nothing has changed. Problems are still there.



    Can you give me account FTP
    Then, I can check to help you


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Viewing 14 posts - 16 through 29 (of 29 total)

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