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    Hello, after all thanks for your help, your theme is awesome.

    We have a little problem with Rental Availability section, because we would like to enable “Still Available” option, because we need to put two clients in the same day (chek-in and check-out). We need to do this because if one client make check-out in day A (at 9 am hour) and other client make check-in in day A (at 18 pm hour) this should be possible.

    We need some help, it’s very important for us,

    thank you very much,


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    Hello Alex,

    Unfortunately, theme does not yet supported set the rental time for day of Rental Availability section. We calculate the availability slot base on number of people rent this service by day.

    Thank you.


    ¿There are any option to enable availability for two people in the same day? For us it’s really important. Thanks!


    With the same rental (One check out and other ckeck in)



    Currently, theme does not have time feature to set different check in or check out for rental. It just have an option to allow other customer still can book that rental even other customer has booked it before.

    You can find that option in Rental Options tab > Allow cutomer can booking full day when you create new rental.

    Rental Options

    Please check again.



    Me too will need this option soon.
    The theme should accept one ckeout and one checkin for any given rental on the same date, I think it’s a basic requirement for this kind of activity.



    Our team will check and consider to update it in future.



    I do not understand how this is not possible, it is essential for the reservation of room or apartment



    Our team will check all the feedback from customer to update it.

    Thank you.


    any news or scheduled release about this issue after 6 months?
    I totally agree with Jule, this is an essential feature for room or apartment reservation.

    Thank you.



    We have released new version 2.1 at June 13, 2018 and we are also releasing version 2.1.1 to fix some issue for the theme.

    Traveler Changelog

    Please check our release log then update your system.


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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