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    Hello, i write Two question i posted on themeforest:

    1)how can i disable partners to choose hotel/room page layout, when they create an hotel/room (i’ve chosen one and customized it as i want, so that’s how they must appear) PS: i’ve set in theme options the one i want to show, but when they create the hotel/room, partners can still choose the layout they want. Is there anyway to not display some options in details page while partners create the hotel/room?

    2)i’m tryng to set up Stripe Payments on your booking form (no woocommerce). I’ve created a Stripe account, installed the https certificate and filled the form with all the api keys required. When i try to book a new room, i can’t see the stripe payment option (wich is activated). Can you please help?



    1. You can add this code to Traveler Settings > Styling Options > Custom Css to hide the selected layout option:

    .container.bg-partner-new.create-hotel #tab-hotel-details .row > .col-md-6:nth-child(13) {display: none;}
    .container.bg-partner-new.edit-hotel #tab-hotel-details .row > .col-md-6:nth-child(13) {display: none;}
    .container.bg-partner-new.create-room #tab-general .row > .col-md-6:nth-child(5) {display: none;}
    .container.bg-partner-new.edit-room #tab-general .row > .col-md-6:nth-child(5) {display: none;}

    2. Please provide your site url with an admin account so i can help you check it.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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