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    The error message 「HTTP500」 appeared on the console.

    if I try to use search option. so then,,,how can I use that?



    Please refer our faq for this issue then contact your hosting provider to help you check it:

    500 Internal Server Error



    Thanks Bryan, we resolved HTTP500 issue cus u r help.

    but next, loading doesn’t look like ending anytime soon.

    let me khow what we gonna do.



    When i check your site, it still load all page, settings as well.

    One more thing you should check is your server info to be sure it meet our requirements:


    Requirements For Traveler



    Hello Brian

    thanks for your reply.
    I just made sure of my server info and ajusted to your requirements.
    but it still load all page,,,,

    I have no idea what it happened,,,,
    Please help me to make nice website,,



    Your site still get 500 error that i thought you have resolved it from previous message.

    Please check again.


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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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