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    Dear ST,

    Another suggestion from me, regarding Tours booking.

    It would be uber useful tobe able to define days for booking, let say “10 days” starting from eg 20.05.2018 tp 06.04.2018 for the price of “enter price”.

    Current calendar works in this way but also allows people to select a day in between those two days.
    I need to limit people to must select 20.05.2018. as a starting date in this scenario, as Tour begins on that date, going through total of 12 turns through summer season, or 120 days to be exact.

    So, people can select which date, from predefined dates they want to start their tour.

    05.25.2018 – 06.04.2018 /210EUR
    06.04.2018 – 06.15.2018 /220EUR
    06.15.2018 – 06.25.2018 / 250EUR
    etc etc etc

    Those are the defined dates that people can choose, they are allowed to select only the starting date, and can’t select the dates in between those two dates.

    Is this perhaps already doable?
    If yes, can you please explain how?

    if not, would you consider implementing this?
    If you can offer a custom solution, Im willing to consider it as well, please add a quote.




    You can use Specific Date option for your tour price to get that.

    Thank you.

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    Dear Bryan,

    Yes, there is that option, somehow I’ve skipped it.

    Also, there is another easy way to achieve this. Just create one available day for booking, a starting day and than load full price for 10 days, in that single day, make other days unavailable.
    Easy and obvious but I did not see it at first.

    Now, this can be considered well rounded solution as soon as you guys manage to implement calendar that FastForwards to first available day for booking instead just going through months one by one.

    Thanks Bryan for your quick help, I really appreciate it.

    Kind regards…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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