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    Good morning from one beautiful Greek island called Lesvos.

    You are making amazing work with ‘Traveler’, keep going to surprise us in every update.

    I would like to ask you some technical issues that have arisen during the creation of our page, a sample of which you can see at https://traveler.lesvorama.gr which will be displayed on the https://www. lesvorama.gr, so ignore the security alert because we do not have ssl on the sub domain as it will be moved.

    Please, I would like to ask the following questions:

    1) When setting up airline tickets, I cannot properly set up the order to go to the cart, and it does not allow me to make a departure and return at the same day, which we need.

    2) With regard to the rental of cars, there is no additional charge for pickup and delivery in different locations. This would serve to return the vehicles.

    3) There is no transfer service. Let us know if we could add some transfer services with Traveler.

    4) In the Activities category, could searches for activities without entering dates? For example, if a customer enters the days staying in our area and does not have activity for the same dates, there are no activities that are for a few days or even one-day activities.

    5) If someone is in the cart and before the checkout page, could we show him a proposal with the services he has not yet added? If, for example, only a hotel is booked, can we make a proposal for tickets and a car? If he has booked a car can we make him a hotel proposal or even all the services by category, for which he has not yet booked?

    6) Finally, are there any plans to translate Traveler into Greek? Although we have WPML and we do the translation, new verbal sentences are created for each update, which should be translated according to the additions you make.

    Thank you very much for your time and I wish you, continue to be pleasantly surprised at your every update with ‘Traveler’.

    With Regards

    Liveras Alexandros
    Reservation Team
    M. Goutou 27
    GR- 81108 Mithimna(MOLYVOS) Lesvos
    Tel.: +30 2253072291
    Fax: +30 2253072292

    General Travel Agency

    Car Rental Agency



    1. Unluckily, Flight service does not yet supported with woocommerce booking. We are working on to update it.

    2. That is default option for car. There is no option to change it.

    3. We are working on to built new feature for traveler named Car Transfer.

    Currently, you can use Custom search form for all services to create transfer (car type)

    4. You can go to Traveler Settings > Activity Options > Activity Search Fields > check the Require option for activity date form.

    If it enabled, user can not search activity without select date.

    5. Currently, you can use custom sidebar to create a sidebar in checkout page but theme does not widget to display related service in check out page.

    6. You can select your main language of site in Settings > General > Site Language. ALso you can use WPML for your site language and using poedit to translate some special work on theme.

    Manual Translation


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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