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    There are alot of templates that are not working. the one i tried are:

    Member Packages
    Log in Normal
    Log in Full

    I have edited the travel settings to land these pages but still not working.

    Please help me



    Please description more details of problem that they are not working so i can help you better.



    The template page is not showing up. I tried to use above mentioned templates, its not showing in the preview. It’s just blank.

    Example, when i try to use log in normal template and add a menu for log in, the page is just showing blank. nothing happens.

    However, the partner dashboard template is working fine.



    That templates does not allow to preview. For example, the register template is your register page, the membership package template is the layout to show package popup for partner…

    Please check again.



    I understand now. However, i have another issue. How do I activate the add new car for partners?

    I’ve been trying to access documentations and i cannot go through.



    Our server having some problem so temporary customer can not access it.

    They are fixing it and you can go to check in few hour later.



    Thank you Bryan.

    Can you help me on how to enable partners to add new car? Can you at least provide me the documentations if there is.


    Currently the dashboard for partners to add new car shows error 404. Actually all of the menu options in dashboard has error 404. How do i activate this menu so partners can use it.



    It seems you have config wrong user dashboard page.

    Please go to Traveler Settings > Partner Options > turn off Allowed custom sort link for partner page then check again.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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