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    We spoke about all this through the email.

    The website is broken. And the very least is for the mixed demo to work and even it does not. We spoke over email.
    Please fix it.

    Wordpress reports errors with the theme, and the latest developer said he wont be able to work since the theme has errors.

    I was almost fired because of this theme, and the company is counting losses on me. I like it a lot though and don’t want to file for a refund. I want it fixed.

    And I had a particular problem with being able to link to the internal features, or putting them on functional menus on the site. Like the link for Blog, it displays all articles from the dashboard in the Posts… now a link that can display all hotels, another for displaying all rentals in the dashboard…

    Just set it up. Thanks.

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    The demos dont work too. The links come broken. I wanted the Mixmap demo for mixed services. It’s menus werent working, among other issues. and it didn’t come with links to display all hotels, or all rentals, or all cars… the menu(even in the demo) displays specific items, and doesnt serve as a link to view all items – that is what a menu is usually for; an access all else. You click the Blog link, and it displays all posts, not just one.



    Thank you for waiting.

    For the error show on your site: I have checked your site and found that you don’t install and active plugin “WPBakery Page Builder”. It is the cause of this problem.

    In theme, the plugin “WPBakery Page Builder” is required so you need to active for your site work correctly.

    For the menu problem: Theme does not support page to show all hotel like blog page however, you can see list of hotel by using Search Result Page. You can refer our document below to know how to create this page for Hotel service: http://guide.travelerwp.com/docs/theme-layout/new-modern-layout/homap-demo/new-hotel-search-result/

    Thank you.

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    Hi @huannv,

    but the mixmap is not working. It’s not getting the correct information. The reason we bought the theme is because of this function and of course your demo site is working perfectly for this. May you please give us the answer to this? Thanks.


    Same here. I bought the theme because of mixmap. It is not working. Some links throughout dont work, topling with the fact that there isn’t an official link to the listings in each category (please add this in an update).

    The logo does not change well. It fills up the whole homepage when I change it.
    How can we know the right image sizes because it is not shown throughout the website, the right image dimensions.

    Kindly update the logos.

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    I had tried working with the theme with all plugins activated and the links were still broken, so I reinstalled the theme. I had tried with all plugins activated and it was not a fix, really. Activating plugins is standard knowledge, and there was even a clear notification asking me to. Give me a real fix. The photos dont show dimensions. The logo fills the whole screen when I change the mixmap logo.

    I only need the demo to work well. For the links to the features, I will use the search result page, as I wait for you to update the theme to show all listings like the blog link.

    At least upload the mixmap demo for me to work as seamlessly as it does on your website

    If possible, add the logo (shamiri-logo-site) for me, and I’ll continue.
    Just make the demo work as it does in your site.
    I love the demo.
    Do this in quickly, please, it has been days since I bought the theme and been unable to use it. Time is and business is getting lost for the company I work for because of the website.


    I experience issues with the modern and classic settings in the theme and cant work with one over the other because they both miss the direct functionality I need. So, I have three questions.

    1. I tried linking and listing through the result pages and it works in the modern setting but fails to work in the classic setting. How do I fix this for classic?

    2. When the list is there then you click on one item, it doesnt show on it’s page. Classic does not show single items on click, it brings a blank screen for an item in the database. How do I fix this?

    3. Also, Modern does not have some appearance settings that classic does. Is there a way to deal with this without css?


    Hello Onguti,

    – Mix map do not work?? Please provide an image or more description. It will help us resolve issues early.
    – Logo size: we recommend Logo size have height less than 50px and width less than 200px.

    1. Please provide more details or images for issues of you. We do not yet understand that.
    2,3. In a modern layout, we had to remove some options in a classic layout. And modern layout not using build template for single service ( details page ).



    I resorted to using the classic theme for now. The logo displays well there.

    How do I enable activities to display description? All the other features like rentals and tours show descriptions I have written in the post, but the activities don’t.



    I am sorry for late replied your ticket.

    I checked your site and see there is no any layout. You are using default activity layout to display the content.

    You can follow this document to build the activity layout. And if you want to display activity descriptions, please use ST Post Data element to display that.

    Activity Single



    Thanks for the response.
    there’s no place for adding an element in the features, just the pages.
    it is a little different, though. individual activities have a place for descriptions already and I have it filled with information in the backend. it just does not display on the website frontend.
    rentals and tours show descriptions I’ve put, but activities do not.

    on the menu, I renamed activities as experiences, and tours as adventures.. im saying this so you see tours works but activities does not, yet backend they look similar

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    It is the layout, not the service.

    Please check the document again for that info.


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