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    From the wordpress Dashboard, I select Customize Your Site -> Header Image -> Add new image. After uploading my image, I select “Select and Crop”, adjust the crop selection, then select “Crop Image”. Then I get the message “There has been an error cropping your image.”

    I searched about the solution and some people said that we need to run sudo command :
    sudo apt-get install php5-gd

    When I ask my host (siteground) to run the command they said:
    sudo command will require root access to the server.That means that it will not be possible to run it on your shared plan. The only option is to have a dedicated plan with root access.

    How to solve this problem? please advice



    The customize section is default wordpress function. You need work with your hosting provider to check the access permission.

    We can not help you this case from our side.

    Thank for your understanding.



    Dear Team
    I have a problem with Traveler theme, please read the information as below:

    When I want to Add new image for header. After uploading my image, I select “Select and Crop”, adjust the crop selection, then select “Crop Image”. Then I get the message “There has been an error cropping your image.”

    I asked site ground to solve the problem and they sent me the message as below:

    The message from SiteGround Hosting

    I have thoroughly investigated the case and tried various different approaches to resolve it like enabling imagick, changing the PHP version of the website but to no avail. There is no information related to the reported issue in the server logs as well.

    Please note that we cannot install third party PHP extensions on our shared hosting servers due to our hosting environment specifics.

    However, it seems the issue is caused by the theme you are using, as upon inspecting your website I noticed the following error message in the browser console:

    {“success”:false,”data”:{“message”:”Image could not be processed. Please go back and try again.”}}

    SyntaxError: missing variable name

    var = {“sitekey”:””};

    Usually, such errors indicate code malfunction and in order to resolve them, it is better to contact your theme developers, as they will be able to troubleshoot it and provide you with a fix.

    If they provide you with instructions about what has to be done on our end, we will gladly assist you.

    Best Regards,

    Valeri Kratunkov
    Technical Support Team

    I would appreciate if you help me to solve the problem asap.




    Our theme does not support header image layout so when you upload and crop image, there is no space or class to put the image in so it display the error.

    Please check again.

    In order to make it work, you can edit file header.php of theme to get that.



    Dear Bryan

    I didnt change anything for the theme,
    It was one of the option in theme and when I wanted to upload the the picture it shows me the error message.



    The problem is Traveler theme does not have background header like other theme so it does not allow to upload image on it.

    We will check and deverlop new layout in future with background header so please wait and check it.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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