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    I was just using the activities, and I added the tour template, however I’m not able to do a search. And after creating a tour, I can not see it either. I added all layouts.
    Can you see what’s going on?

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    The problem is your settings for tour that make requirement for advance search so if you do not select it, theme will not search.

    Please check again.



    Ah OK. Thanks for the help.
    Now I can do the search, but I can’t display the tour. I have the 404 error page …. I gave a layout to the laps, but I can’t display it


    I set the search result page for your tour in Traveler Settings > Tour options.

    Please check it again.



    Hi Bryan,

    Currently the problem is not the search page, the problem is when I want to display the tours



    Hi Bryan,

    Did you understand what I explained to you?



    You set wrong page for Tour setting to display search result so theme can not display it. I change it back to right page so your tour display well.

    Please tell me more details of display tour so i can help you better.

    Also our document will show you more details of tour service:


    Tour Search Result



    Yes, before you had the wrong tour search page. This problem is already solved thanks to you.
    Now my problem is to see a simple tour. After doing the search, when I click on the tour to book, I have a mistake (404 error), and I don’t know why



    The problem is your permalink.

    I changed it to Post Name type and now the Booking function is working as well now.

    You can check it again.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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