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    I created another thread with the same issue but the solution received didn’t solve the problem and I haven’t had any new reply on how to solve it (https://shinehelp.shinetheme.com/forums/topic/tour-page-not-working/#post-44960), but other threads have been answered after that, so that’s why I created the same new thread.
    Every tour on my page is not working, I created a new one (https://kickerapp.cl/st_tour/clases-de-padel/), available for all march and April, and doesn’t work either.
    I urgently need this problem solved because I can’t launch without having the tour page working properly.
    Could you please give me more than 1 possible solutions so I don’t have to wait 24 hours to just try one thing?
    Thanks in advance!

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    It seems your theme does not load the style css file or some of 3rd plugins caused to tour broken issue.
    Please provide an admin account s i can help you check it.

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    Hey Bryan, I posted the info in private, I’m not sure if you can see it?

    Please let me know, I’m checking this thread all the time because solving this issue is key for the operation of my business.



    I can see your site is using some of 3rd plugins special Jetpack by WordPress.com plugin.

    Please deactivate it then check again.



    Hi Bryan, I can’t deactivate Jetpack, wordpress just wouldn’t let me. What can I do?


    Bryan, I know you have a lot of threads to answer, but I’m trying to solve this since last Thursday, I have lost a week of work, I need a solution.
    Could you please be more specific on what plugin do you want me to deactivate? because Jetpack can’t be deactivated.



    I think the problem come from Jetpack plugin.
    You are an administrator should have permission to do it.
    If not, please contact hosting provider to help you check permission because wordpress does not limit any access function of admin account.


    I just asked wordpress support:

    “I am not sure what within Jetpack would conflict with that theme, but Jetpack is required. There is no way to disable it.
    All WordPress.com users and many many others that are self hosted for security and backups.
    Maybe asking what part of the theme they think might conflict with Jetpack.”

    Can’t be disabled and I’m pretty sure other Traveler Theme users have jetpack in wordpress, it can’t be disabled, so it has to be another thing.

    Bryan, please help, I’m super frustrated and I have to wait 24 h every day to have an answer that does not solve anything, it’s a complete waste of time.

    What do you think in jetpack conflicts with the theme??



    Some of other customer has also getting problem with Jetpack plugin because it stored the cache that can’t be clear and it is also minified js/css file so theme can not load the layout, function…


    Hi Bryan,
    So you say that more people has the same issue, have they solved it? If yes, how?
    This is what WordPress told me once again:
    ”For the reason why the Tours page displays like so, the theme developers could have more insight on that, but their suggestion on deactivating Jetpack is not possible. ”
    They cleared the cache of the site and it didn’t solve the issue.

    Do you have any other possible solution? Because the one that you gave me is not possible.




    I mean some of our customer has same issue that came from Jetpack plugin.
    The problem is solved by deactivate it.


    Hi Bryan,

    Once again, deactivating jetpack is not possible.

    I tried to install the theme all over again from scratch by deleting and cleaning my whole site, and it didn’t work.

    It’s a shame that shinetheme support couldn’t find a solution to this problem, I’m sure more people will continue to have it. With that said, I have no more option than asking for a refund, since I haven’t been able to use what I’ve purchased and I’ve lost more than 2 weeks of work.

    Could you please guide me on how to do it?



    Hi Bryan,

    I moved from wordpress.com to wordpress.org and bluehost, and now it works.

    So if any other user has the same problem, that’s the solution.



    Thank for your information.

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