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    Hi brianm recently i set the transfer feature for my web site i already create a car of transfer tipe but in the search form of the main page don activate this options when i try to activate this tag and also don showme or don can search the transfer can you please check this i already created to all the field like you do it in your demo



    You have to create the journey of the car in Price Setting tab when you edit Car.

    I just create one journey for example, you can check and create the other.



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    The problem come from your child theme. When i activate parent theme, search tab work well.

    Did you custom any code in that?

    Please check again.



    Dear Bryan yes you are rigth the problem was some custom code that i have in my child theme unfortunately i found the file and i fix it but now hapen that i aleready have create one car tranafer from Casa Familia Escobar to the International Airport Jose Marti but when i try to search this transfer the site never redirectme to the search layou transfers page just load the same home screen againg can you check this please and help me to fix it



    We can not control your custom code. You should check it again because i still see the Transfer search result that you configured in theme setting work well.



    Dear bryan i remove all the custom code and make a test just with your theme by default but dosent work is way i said you that the problem is something missed in your theme also when i try update or make some change in the cars transfer search result page or delete the page for make otherone new dont let me do it and show me this error see the pic please check this as son as possible

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    Also if try to search some cars the site dont pass of the load screen just frizzed in this part so all this test i do it with the default theme without any custom code so if wy that i told you that the problem is whit the theme


    Dear Brian i found the problem whit the search result transfers layout was in the original file of your theme template-transfers-search.php there you have this code
    if(!st_check_service_available( ‘st_tours’ )) {
    wp_redirect( home_url() );
    i replace st_tours for st_cars and work perfectly now the problem is in the search result page with one component where you show the map with the transfers path there this screen don work dont show me the path and the kilometers there are set in 0. also i neigther can book any transfer even when i have set the transfer well please check this.

    Also let me askyou somethink in my site i don have eneable the tours services the cars transfers need this feature eneable for work because in this case your code said you before was ok

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    Dear Bryan now i have another problem i try to set a car transfer i already have set one propiety of one of my partner name casa familia escobar but when i try to set like admin the car transfer for select from don appear me the partner property just appear the locations of the airport that i have set why is this and if is a bug that you can fix it please

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    I checked your car and see you have selected car type as Normal.

    Please change to Transfer type then add Journey for it.

    Also please add more hotel or airport to make the choose of location when create journey.



    thanks bryan for your response but i have anothere problem rigth now i set the ewuipment price list for the bormal car but when i made the booking se what hapend the subtotal price its set in 0 and de total price its not correct for example i have a cra with a price of 40 and this car have a equipment price of 40 to if you check or not this item in the checkout form the subtotal price its 0 they dont be get the value can you please check this

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    Also bryan when i try to search the cras from the search located in the home page the site do not load the result cabs page layout whi and how i can fix it because the site only showme a wait page


    Dear Bryan i already have created some Hotels but happen that when i go to set from field of the journey option in the cras transfer dont showme the hotel that i have set just showme the airport addres can you fix it.



    When i access your admin today, your car transfer is working well. I can see the hotel in Journey section.

    Also now you can book your car normally.


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